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Empower your business by engaging the right people.

ANAKS is a leading provider of software solutions and IT consulting services. We have been serving Health care, Financial, Insurance, Media and Retail corporations since 2006.

Team ANAKS is committed to developing state of the art IT solutions and provides services just tailored to your business needs. We are well known for creating value and trust based long-term relationship with our clients.  We simply do this by generating immense value to our clients at very affordable price compared to the big brands in the IT industry.

We have witnessed incredible gains of outstanding services and loyalty to our clients and that's how we are growing strong and cruising along smoothly in the era of global economic downturn. On time project delivery and unparalleled services are at the core of ANAKS. We have engineered success for all our clients repeatedly over years in order to justify what we stand for-"the leader and the best".

We exist to deliver on time at an optimum cost and we take a lot of pride in what we do- Help our clients do their business better.

Engage us with your IT operations and discover how we can help you serve your customers better than ever.